Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fan art pack #1

I had to pospone my patreon page and this was going to be my first artpack to deliver.  The animation was done as a commission but I re-rendered everything to remove the OC of the person who commissioned me (hence the simple male that's seen in the animation) and I included some aditional files :)

MLP fan artpack
The ZIP file includes:

- High resolution renders of the characters (2900 x 5000 px):
  6 images -one of each character solo (JPG and PNG without background)
  6 images -one of each character,version no-cloth (JPG and PNG without background)

  - Animation video files:
  1 video 4 mins edited with the 6 characters (HD 1080 and a lowres version at half resolution) no sound, maybe next time sorry :(
  6 small video tests (20 secs each) rendered at low quality (they were to check te final animation but I liked the simple look)

- 3D Files
  Pony base file in FBX and OBJ format (in T-pose, no character in particular, basic cloth and generic hair)
  Textures in PNG format

Questions or problems to

 Thank you!!